What About Me?

Hello. My name is Jaime, and I’ve come to the realization that I’ve become so fearful of not accomplishing goals that I now avoid them completely. I’ve never been a competitive person, so being the best or the fastest has never been much of a motivator for me. The one thing I do know about myself is that if I don’t have someone externally holding me accountable, like a boss or someone depending on me, then I don’t bother. For some reason, doing things for myself is not important or enough of a reason.

This accountability journal is my effort to change that. Through a series of small goals initially, I’m hoping to retrain my thought process to eventually accept larger challenges without becoming overwhelmed. If you choose to come along on this journey with me, I only ask that you help hold me accountable. Hold my hand as I stumble. Help me keep a trip from becoming a fall. Or, should I end up falling, help me stand back up.

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