Life Hack Time

If you’re like me, in the last year or two the Internet has told you all the things in your life you’ve been doing wrong for your entire existence.

You’re putting your deodorant on during the wrong time of day, you’re putting your concealer on horizontally under your eye when it should be done vertically, you’re peeling bananas from the wrong end and even monkeys know how to do it correctly. The list is endless.

But I learned something today. Actually, I figured it out on my own without the Internet telling me and it’s right up there with finding out there’s a tic-tac holder on the inside of the tic-tac lid.

I recently got a new duvet cover set for our bed and when we got home from our trip I couldn’t wait to put it on our plain white duvet. I’ve had duvets and their covers for years, so I’m certainly no stranger to the infuriating effort that is putting the duvet back in the cover after it’s been washed. Then once the cover is on correctly, actually getting the duvet to not slide around within the cover is a totally separate challenge. By the end of the week, most of your comforter is down in the bottom of the duvet cover and utterly useless.

So while I’m prepping myself for the battle I’m about to engage in, I figure out which side of the duvet should be at the foot of my bed. I check the corners for the location of the tag, and in doing so I notice a tiny loop at the end of each corner.

My wheels start turning.

All four corners have one. “If only these would attach to something inside the duvet cover to keep it still …” My brain is thinking. Hard at work. I’m feeling the excitement.

I wonder.

I stuff my hand in the cover and feel my fingers toward the top corner of the inside. I’m met with instant gratification when my fingers grab onto two ties, snugly attached to the corner. These steps are repeated in each corner with the same results. I quickly tie the cover corners to the loop of their respective duvet corners.

I’m not sure if this is the same for all duvets and covers, but I really hope it is. I’m about to sleep happy tonight knowing I will never again be bothered with a duvet that doesn’t know its place in the cover.

Goodnight. Sleep tight!