Day 1: Let’s Do This

It’s January 1st, the first day of 2019 and my year of change. We welcomed in the new year with a couples’ dinner party sans kids with some of our good friends and really enjoyed the time together to relax and be adults. This year is already putting a good foot forward.

My goals that start today:

  • Post daily for 365 days.
  • Grow out hair.
  • Post a daily gratitude.
  • Go gluten-free for 90 days.
  • Lose 40 lbs. Sadly this doesn’t happen overnight
  • Go to bed by 10pm and wake up at 6am for 7 days.

I didn’t cut my hair today, so … so far so good! Although the hilarious thing is that I have an appointment tomorrow to get it cut, but now it’s just a trim to reshape it so I can grow it out evenly. I know it sounds ridiculous to set this goal, but to me this is one of the hardest things to do. Each time I tell myself I want to grow my hair out but it gets to a certain length where I feel it touch the back of my neck and I instantly want to run to cut it off. My hair has rarely been beyond my ears and I’ve never been without bangs. It’s time for a real change and this time I’m going to do it, dang it! Why is literally doing nothing so hard?

The gluten-free effort started again today. I did it for 6 weeks last year and while I ended up not having celiac I noticed a difference in how my body reacted. It was much happier without gluten and if there’s an incentive to keep me away from bread and pizza then that can only play in my favor. I would sleep on a pillow of bread if that was an option. I. Love. Bread. But telling myself I can’t have it helps keep it at bay. Day one down. The first day is always the easiest.

Something I’m thankful for for is living next door to our wonderful friends and neighbors, whom we can enjoy a comfortable New Year’s Day dinner and conversation with and whom we trust with the life of our child. It’s the best blessing, especially when living so far from family.

And as for going to bed and waking up early? Well, it’s 9:50pm and I’m in bed writing this. So, yay! Check with me tomorrow, though, as getting up at 6am scares the crap out of me. But I’m hopeful! 8 hours should be enough sleep for this to be successful, and if it isn’t then I need to talk to my doctor.

So there you have it. Today is done and accounted for! I’m on a roll! Tomorrow, I start my 30-days of yoga. I am very much looking forward to that dedication.

Ooh, it’s getting late. Gotta go! G’night!

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